NCETM – Support for parents and teachers during school closures

Visit to find two new areas of the website designed to support parents/carers and teachers of primary and secondary school children throughout the period of school closures. All the resources are free to access and do not require a login. Look for this image on the website home page to find our support pages:


Support for parents/carers

Our parent support landing page allows parents to watch a short introductory video, then to access support in the form of learning games and activities, videos, and Facebook groups.


Learning activities and games

Our pages of learning activities and games are organised into primary activities and secondary activities. These lists of resources detail a wide variety of online organisations offering daily maths lessons, videos and activities, and one-offs and games. We also give detailed explanation of how parents can make the most of each of them. We are adding to these lists regularly.


Video tips

Our page of video tips offers a variety of short videos made by NCETM staff. They provide ideas for activities and games that parents can do with their children in addition to, and to complement, any work provided by school. Again, we will be adding to this page in the future.


Facebook pages

We have created two Facebook Groups: Primary maths – teachers supporting parents and Secondary maths – teachers supporting parents. These groups are for parents/carers and teachers across the country to join. The purpose of the groups is for parents to pose questions about the maths their children are learning, and for teachers to provide easy to understand, straightforward answers.


Support for teachers

Our page of support for teachers now includes our first batch of primary lesson videos. These short videos are intended to provide primary school pupils with interactive lessons while they are at home. Most lessons are 15 to 20 minutes long, each ending with suggested follow-up tasks. All lessons exemplify a teaching for mastery approach to maths. The current plan is for a new batch of five lessons to be added here every week. We will be adding resources, videos and other information about online CPD and support over time. Please check back in the future to see what else we can offer teachers.

Welcome to the Enigma Maths Hub

Enigma Maths Hub is one of a network of 37 Maths Hubs in England, working together within the Maths Hubs Programme, which began in 2014. The programme is funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and coordinated by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).  Find out more about the programme at





Enigma Maths Hub provide leadership and CPD activities across Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Luton and Aylesbury Vale.

Teaching for Mastery features prominently in the professional development opportunities with teachers, TA’s, schools and maths departments.  We also provide a rich mix of other projects offering extended collaborative CPD activities across Early Years, Primary, KS3, GCSE and Post 16.

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Join a Work Group near you

The Work Group is the model of professional and school development used in most Maths Hubs projects.


A Work Group is:

 comprised of a group of schools who work on something together, normally over the large part of a school year, typically with one or two teachers from each school acting as lead participants

  • led by a teacher or former teacher, expert both in the area of maths education in question and in leading teacher professional development

  • normally part of a national network collaborative project (NCP), which supports the Work Group Leads and seeks to ensure lessons are learned from around the country.

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If you teach, or are in any way involved in maths education, in the area served by Enigma Maths Hub, then you are already part of our hub. This includes teachers in all phases from Early Years to post-16, teaching assistants, senior leaders, and anyone else involved in the maths education of young people. All these people teaching in state-funded schools can access free or funded support from their Maths Hub.

You don’t need to do anything in order to join the hub, but if you would like to get involved in our work then please get in touch with us. We offer a wide variety of events and professional development opportunities, as well as providing updates on our work via social media and email.

If you would like to be the first to hear what is happening in your hub, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter. We would love to work with you.

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