Challenging Topics at GCSE 2018/19 Work Group

The aim will be for teachers to:

  • appreciate the importance of looking further back in the locus of teaching rather than β€˜fire-fighting’ in KS4.

  • to analyse and unpick teaching issues underpinning some of the challenging topics and gain a deeper understanding of the pre-requirements for teaching them including the importance of pedagogical approaches

  • understand and consider the implications for addressing these issues both in the immediate teaching of pupils demonstrating those difficulties but also the longer-term development of those skills across the curriculum.


The intention is that pupils will become:

  • more confident in their own skills and abilities,

  • develop a deeper and more connected understanding of prior content thus enabling them to better tackle the challenging topic.

  • Be better able to tackle questions in that topic

  • have a more positive attitude to topics they find challenging

Unpacking Ratio
Unpacking SUVAT
Common misconceptions

Goal Free Problems


Give students a goal free problem and analyse the results.

ct 1.PNG
Template for multiple solutions to goal free problems
One diagram multiple questions

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