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Ratio with Variation

Questions 1 and 2 gives the whole and asks for a part

Question 3 gives a part and asks for the whole

Question 4 gives the difference and asks for a part.

I follow up this activity by giving pupils a sheet with the same models and ask them to write 4 different questions. This gets pupils thinking about the different questions that could be asked. I then get them to check each other’s work and make sure each question is different. The first time I tried this I left it too open and imaginations ran wild. The pupils focus was on which two pop stars they were going to share or trying to use really big numbers to make the questions harder. The next time I tried it I just used A and B and the numbers 3:2 and 15.

If you only change the thing you want them to notice, they are more likely to notice it. So obvious, but so effective.

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